When you have to replace your insulation?

There are 2 situations that force us to replace our existing loft insulation:

  1. Roof water leakage.
  2. Roof remodel.

The main reason why our insulation is blocking the temperature is the R-value, or in other words insulation thickness.

The R-value recommended level is according to the building code in each country. In the United Kingdom, the standard R-value thickness is 270mm. Lower level of thickness means that your loft insulation will not be effective enough and there will be a waste energy consumption which leads to high energy bills.

In both situations mentioned above, the R-value is damaged and loses its thickness. In each case you will need to replace it with new insulation, otherwise your home will become cold and energy inefficient.

Leakage of water from the roof

In case of leakage from the roof , the water flow throughout holes , gaps and cracks in our roof directly to our loft and damage the loft insulation. When the insulation get in contact with water the damage can not be fixed.

The insulation rolls are made from thin layers of inflated insulation, when it comes in contact with water, the layers stick together, the air escapes and the material shrink. Loft condensation might be also a reason for damages.

According to these circumstances, you need to remove the existing damaged insulation and replace it with brand new 270mm thick insulation.

Adding a new insulation on top of the existing one, even if it is dry, might develop mold on both layers and damage the ceiling. Not replacing wet insulation can cause health risks, bad smells and degeneration.

After roof renovation:

When you have your roof remodeling, it is really important to cover the existing insulation with heavy-duty dust sheets to prevent from dust and other parts to fall down on the insulation.

One reason is our health. When dust is penetrating to the insulation, the air in the loft becomes dusty and unhealthy to breath, but the main reason is the insulation thickness.

Heavy weight debris that is falling apart from the roof directly on the insulation cause the air between the layers to escape. The insulation loses height and thickness and impact directly on the insulation efficiency.

Once the insulation is harmed, the only thing you can do is to remove existing dusty insulation and debris. Install new insulation with 270mm thickness according to the British building codes.

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