How loft air sealing can assist energy efficiency

According to Energy Bill Revolution, homes with bad insulation cost British families around ₤800 per year. Almost ₤80 per month that you pay because of bad quality insulation.

“The latest data, which covers the EU-15 showed significant differences in household and industrial electricity prices across member countries. Since 2008, household electricity prices in the UK increased 26.7% to reach 0.155 per kWh in 2016.” According to

Homes in the UK are relatively energy inefficient, compared to other European countries. According to

The reasons why we are losing so much money:

When your home has a bad insulation, it gets much colder at winter or warmer in summer. The weather affect the house climate and your home heaters work harder and use much more energy to keep up and try to warm the internal areas.

When staying home, you will feel uneven temperatures in different areas within the house. This effect the Heater / HVAC systems, the heater continues to work intensively and inefficiently and spend almost twice energy.

The solution: Good insulation has the best return on investment:

You can easily cut from 20%-50% from your electricity bill (around ₤70 a month) by installing Mineral wool insulation up to code.

In case your insulation has been installed properly and in addition you performed an Air Sealing, that prevents any air leakage (cold or warm) that flow into the house trough the loft or walls, you will enjoy an insulated home that will be much cheaper to heat and keeps the cool temperature inside – as well air don’t go out.

As a result, the heating system will need a significantly less electricity. Survey shows that houses with loft insulation up to code (270mm) with full air sealing, can save up to ₤1200 per year!

Rodent damages to the insulation:

Another way to save a lot of money is to protect your insulation by performing rodents proofing treatment.

The rodents find lofts as a convenient home. They damage the insulation and lowering its quality, electricity cables, pipes, they pollute their area with their dropping and mess things the best they can.

To make sure your insulation quality is maintained, the loft remains clean and preventing any other damage, it is recommended to do rodents proofing treatment before you replace your current insulation.

Another way to save - keep your water temperature

Pipe insulation is another solution that can save you some money. Water pipes that goes over the house are usually made of copper. Copper is a type of metal that does not insulate heat or cold and is actually influenced by the environment temperature.

During winter, the cold temperature penetrating inside the copper pipe and directly influences the water temperature by lowering it. Your hot water temperature inside the water pipes get colder quickly and your boiler system work longer and much harder in order to keep the hot water temperature as high as possible.

When we install the pipe insulation, we protect the copper pipe from the surrounding climate and allow the water to stay hot.

Pipe insulation alone relieves the boiler system by reducing the time of work in almost 40% and can save us up to ₤50 per month from the electricity bill. This will save us also on our water bill since we waste less water by using warm water quickly.


There are many ways to save money using efficient insulation. Surveys show saving of:

Loft and walls Insulation up to code: up to ₤800 per year
Rodents proofing: up to ₤400 per year
Air sealing: up to ₤300 per year
Pipe insulation: up to ₤500 per year.

You can return your insulation investment in one year with all the savings. We will be happy to be your insulation contractor and offer you quality and affordable service.

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