Sanitation Services

Keep your house, office or factory clean from bacteria and viruses

Most viruses and bacteria, including Corona virus can remain on a random surface (such as wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc…) up 9 days. Every day we are exposed to hundreds and thousands of bacteria and viruses at our homes.

When you clean your home or invite general cleaning services, they use spray and wipe the cleaning materials. This way of cleaning in most cases move bacteria and viruses from one surface to another since the rag is not cleaned well between one surface to another.

Our sanitation services using the electrostatic touchless sanitation system and remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. The use of a touchless cleaning reduces to minimum the cross contamination.

Using our services instead of traditional cleaning will assure less contamination of your home, your office or factory. The cleaning process is quick, efficient and you can trust a real 99.9% sanitation. Our staff come with protective suit, breathing mask to protect you and themselves and perform the cleaning service.

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