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Get more space with loft storage

In most homes in the United Kingdom, storage space is very limited. A fact that can cause either a mess at home or throw away items that you need but don’t have place for storage.

Some families choose to convert the loft section of the house to another room and in contrast – there are many homes and families that didn’t mainly because there is not enough space and height to convert the loft section to another room or because of renovation costs.

Efficient Loft offer a service that fit homes and families that belong have a loft without anything in it. We create storage space inside the loft with a strict budget which is not expensive at all.

The size of the storage space is chosen according to the needs of the customer and the conditions of the loft. Financially – how much the customer wants to invest on a loft storage, in term of space and how much equipment the loft storage should include.

Once of the mistakes most of the people make, is to install wooden boards directly on the beams, thus gain storage space but lose all the insulation effect in the area that the boards were installed. Be squeezing the insulation, you lose its width and harm it in a way that it will not be repairable.

To prevent the insulation performance reduction, its super important to install pillars and create raised foundation for the wooden boards. This way you keep the insulation level in line with the British code (270mm height).

Remember! No matter what is the size or height of the loft, you can create loft storage section in any home and earn a lot of space for home storage without spending too much money.

If you are looking for a good quotation that will transform your loft into a loft storage, contact us.

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