Let professionals do your loft insulation right

Loft insulation work isn’t so hard or complicated project, the challenge is mainly the process before you place the insulation itself. If you wish to get the best result from your insulation in terms of climate and home temperature, safety, clean and health – let professional insulator contractor do it for you.

When our company Efficient Loft install loft insulation, we recommend the following steps that needs to be performed with care and with proper safety equipment.

Removal of old loft insulation and loft cleaning

Old insulation removal is a critical step that it is highly recommended to let professionals perform. Usually in lofts, there is a lot of mess, dust, bacteria and infectious viruses become airborne due to rodent infestation, mold and mildew. Old insulation is often home to rats, squirrels, raccoons and insect lava during their hibernation so in many cases they will be ruined and soiled with diseases.

Debris left around the loft is very dangerous. Items such as nails, splinters, old cardboard boxes and items that might fall. We often see rodent droppings – feces and urine and from time to time dead rodents that completely contaminate the loft. Furniture, wood and other materials also invite termites, ants, and other animals.

We take safety precautions from start to finish. we carefully remove all damaged and old insulation from the loft to assure that harmful airborne particles do not get into your home. Removing old insulation improves the indoor air quality and prevents future infestation so it is always better to replace the insulation and not to add new one on top.

After we remove everything from the loft safely, we perform loft decontamination.

The purpose of loft decontamination is to prevent the spread of micro-organisms and other contaminants that may threaten your health, your family or employees. Our full proof loft contamination process removes all contaminated insulation in sealed bags, dead rodents, vacuuming of rodent droppings, sanitize by using multi-purpose sanitizing & odor control sprays to kill bacteria, eliminate organic odors, germs, fungi and mildew. Our Eco-friendly chemical control techniques, come of course with a warranty. To read more about loft cleaning, click here.

Air sealing

In order to assure balanced weather in the loft and the house, we offer the service of air sealing. This process will block holes and gaps using a special foam and we can easily use it between electrical wires, beams, studs, rafters, pipes and drywall.

Air sealing can improve your insulation and reduce energy costs. To read more about air sealing, click here.

Rodents proofing

Apart from health risks and Infectious diseases mentioned before, rodents can easily create significant damage to your house infrastructure. Ruined items that are stored, electrical wires, or gnawed insulation, walls and pipes.

We can offer the service of rodents proofing. We scan the house for potential areas rodents can get in and block them with different techniques.

Loft Insulation installation

Now that your loft is cleaned, decontaminated, and sealed, it is time for the new loft insulation installation. Insulation installation according to British building code is 270mm height R-38 Value. It is preventing up to 85% of cool air access inside the house. You can reduce up to ₤100 per month (₤1200 a year!!) – to read more about the savings, click here.

There are many types of insulation that can be installed: Mineral wool, Earth wool, Rolled, Batts, Blown, Radiant barrier, Foil insulation, Spray foam and more. To read more about the differenced between the most popular insulations: mineral wool / earth wool and insulation foam, click here.

As experts, we provide free job site inspection, and according to your loft and needs we suitable the insulation that will produce the best improvement to your house.

In our decisions we always think about insulation safety, to read more about insulation safety, click here.

Remember if you need to use your loft as storage its super recommended to create a storage space with special materials that developed to reinforce the wood board in order to prevent any weight on the insulation. To read more about loft storage, click here.

We invite you to contact us in case you are looking for an insulation contractor.

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