How loft condensation is created?

Condensation created when cold or hot air is in contact with hot or cold surface without air circulation.

The most common way to see it is on windows. At our house, you will see signs of condensation mainly on the ceiling and windows and sometimes on the walls.

In the UK, 90% of the condensation happens within the house is located in the loft area. The cool air comes from the roof and get in contact with the warm insulation and ceiling (loft floor), if there are no air circulation used by air vents, the condensation will slowly damage your ceiling and the insulation.

How can we help?

Efficient Loft Ltd is specializing in loft insulation that keeps your house warm and safe from long term climate damages. We make sure that every insulation project is done professionally and we will not leave your house before we make sure that there is air circulation, your air vent are not blocked and if there are no air vents, we will install air vents through the rafters (that will avoid water accessibility). We will make sure that you will not suffer from air condensation from the moment of installation.

If you already have condensation damages, we will clean your loft completely from your old damaged insulation, remove the damaged insulation, vacuum the area and dry water drops or wet areas. We will inspect the loft and make sure all air vents are not blocked, install new necessary air vents and make sure there is just the right air circulation to avoid the problem from returning.

Only then we will install the new insulation carefully and make sure the problem is solved.

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