Loft Cleaning

Why it is important to perform loft cleaning and decontaminate

The main reason why we offer loft cleaning and decontamination service during old insulation removal is to prevent the spread of micro-organisms and other contaminants like rodent feces and urine, debris or dust.

Your insulation is often soiled and damaged as a result of the hibernation of rats, squirrels, raccoon and even insect larva. These deposits can create strong odors which can be hazardous and make your home or business unsafe and unhealthy.

Throughout the years we are not entering the loft area so often (unless he converted it to a room or storage) and it is full with dust and debris.

Some of the dust and debris flow inside the house trough small holes and gaps between pipes and lights directly to the air we breathing, some of dust flow through the air ducts (if existing in the ceiling).

Before we install the insulation, we recommend cleaning and sanitizing all the dust and debris from over the years and to perform a full loft cleaning and decontamination against micro-organisms and other contaminants like rodent feces and urine.

The first step in the sanitizing process is to remove all the current insulation from the loft (even 1 square meter roll can contaminate the rest of the insulation), pack it in sealed garbage bags and transfer it to the recycling bin.


After the insulation has been 100% removed, we start with the loft cleaning, first we check if there are rodents dropping in the loft, if so, we pump it with a vacuum cleaner.

When the loft is completely clean, we spray a sanitizer to disinfect the bad bacteria, odder, rodent’s feces that exist in the loft in order to make the loft clean and the air breathable for your family.

After we have completed the decontamination and the loft cleaning, we can move forward and start with the new insulation installation.

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