Why insulation safety should be a concern?

The insulation safety is on a very gray area. People are not really aware about the dangers of incorrect insulation type. Safety is important for you and your children. Low quality, not in standard, not fire-proof or old can really risk your life!

The danger of fire is actually the smoke

There are many types on insulation that contain very dangerous chemicals. In case of a heat load or even worse – fire, it can emit dangerous gas and cause huge damage to the human body.

According to BBC news “The Celotex RS5000 insulation, which was used in the refurbishment of the famous burnt Grenfell building, released toxic fumes which contain cyanide when it burns. Almost all the 72 people who died at Grenfell fire were actually killed by the smoke.

“Celotex’s plastic foam insulation has been used on hundreds of other buildings around the country”. You can still but it although it is very risky.

It’s important to remember that the insulation is a material that designed to isolate the temperature in houses and prevent it from being affected by the outside climate.

Picture by: Natalie Oxford CC By 4.0

In a case of fire or heat load the odds of the smoke and toxins will accumulate inside the house are very high since the insulation block the air circulation and this is a situation that is very risky to breath in when you have a case of emergency.

Therefore, it is very important to avoid the use of insulation types that contain chemicals. Using them is a health hazard in case of fire or heat load. There are fire-proof insulation that will be safer during fire and will not spread poison inside.

Insulation Safety tests matters

According to BBC news Grenfell Tower insulation ‘never passed fire safety test
“The insulation that burned out of control on Grenfell Tower had never passed the required safety test and should never have been on the building, a BBC investigation has discovered.”

Realistically no one is planning their renovation and materials by thinking about fire emergency but still, the insulation located in very strategic location and cover the lives of humans in the building (loft, roof, walls, floor) is critical in case of fire. If one of these areas contain a combustible material, in event of a fire, the damage will be enormous and faster than usual. Therefore, it is very important to follow the security rules and codes when it comes to insulation type or insulation installation. Don’t pass on your safety tests, it’s very important! The safety report will tell you if you are safe or you should take action and replace your insulation.

Even today, there are many contractors who install insulation not in accordance to safety rules and codes, both in terms of price and in terms of installation process – usually the installation of such materials is faster, easier and as a result cheaper. Be aware of that!

Our policy is to keep you safe

Here at Efficient Loft, as a company policy we use only insulation materials that are recommended by the regulators and up to the code. Our green agenda is to give you a safe environment to live in and to keep your health even if there is any case of emergency.

This is our belief and as a default all our quotes will be only given with the safe materials. This is our guidelines and we will never recommend using insulation that will not pass fire safety tests or contain chemicals which in the cases of extreme heat or fire will do more harm than the fire itself.

Remember! Insulation may sound simple but there are ways and rules, when and where to install it. It is very important to take it seriously! We will do it on the safest way for the house and for you – the customer.

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