5 ways to recognize you need new home insulation

1. High Utilities:

High energy bills are a symptom of poor loft insulation. Inadequate insulation or a complete lack of insulation in the loft area causes the outdoor weather temperatures to sneak into your home. In summer, the air conditioner must work twice as hard. In winter, the heater has to clock overtime hours to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. In both cases, energy costs rise dramatically.
According to Energy Bill Revolution, badly insulated homes costs British families additional ₤800 per year in average. The majority of us got used to high utilities prices (specially on winter time) but reality can be better… You have an option – Loft insulation.

When insulation is installed in your loft according to the British building code (270mm R-38), you can cut your utilities in up to 60%, average family can save up to ₤800 per year only by replacing the loft insulation.

The insulation work as a barrier and blocks any access of cool air from the loft directly to the house, thus the insulation keeping the house temperature more pleasant and make the heating or cooling systems less work.

2. Indoor Drafts and dusty house:

There are occasions where poor insulation work allows drafts to enter the home. When there is no blockage between the outside air and the inside atmosphere, cold drafts can infiltrate the house. If you notice that there are odd drafts, even after you’ve closed all of the doors and windows, it’s a good time to check out your loft insulation.
Low quality insulation, old insulation or insulation that was installed incorrectly can cause air leakage from the room to the house, which will lead to high level of dust around the house.

3. Uneven Temperature:

If the indoor temperatures at your home are constantly changing and uneven, that’s a sure sign that your loft insulation should be replaced.
Oftentimes, due to insulation that has shifted in the loft and allows cold or hot air into the rooms under. This of course reflect on your heating and cooling system’s that attempts to regulate the indoor temperature.
The heater system does not work regularly and efficiently and no matter how hard or long the system will work, there will always be areas in the house where the temperature is not equal.
The whole situation described is only caused by poorly and low quality of insulation, the cool air flow through the loft to the house and the temperature become uneven.
Resetting the insulation and adding additional material can sometimes easily rectify such problems. However, often replacement is required.
When the loft insulation has been installed up to British code all over the loft, the temperature become unified and made the house climate comfort to live in.

4. Discomfort from allergens:

Insulation is no one-trick pony. It is not only meant to keep your home warm when the temperatures begin to decrease, but it also helps reduce discomfort from seasonal allergies. Believe it or not, air flows freely from the outside and through your home. You can decrease this airflow by air sealing your doors and windows, as well as properly insulating your walls and loft. If your home has insulation, air can still flow through unsealed gaps. The last thing you want is air with pollen at your home. Even if you don’t have allergies, the airflow from the outdoors can bring unwanted guests such as mold spores. This is why you should protect your home by insulating it properly.

5. Wet insulation:

If the insulation become moist, damp, or sopping wet, there is no way to save the material. It must be replaced immediately. Blocked vents, a leaky roof, a basement flood, or the absence of vapor barriers can cause loft insulation wetness. The moisture on wet insulation causes ineffectiveness, it grows mold that releases dangerous mycotoxins to the air. The tiny air pockets that are instrumental in trapping the air and maintaining the temperature are plugged with water, rendering the insulation useless.


If you have any of the above mentioned situations and you are looking for an insulation contractor for a quick fix, contact us and we will solve all your problems.

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