Air Sealing

How loft air sealing can assist energy efficiency

In any loft there are always small and tiny gaps between the lights, cables, pipes and sometimes between the studs. Trough those small holes cool air (or warm) can flow from the outside change the house climate. 

In addition to the cold air, the loft is the place you will find the most dirt and dust within the house. Sometimes, it serves as a shelter for roaches and rodents that find their way in, all together can cause polluted air and odder that can be easily penetrate the lower levels of the house through the small holes and gaps.

In order to prevent cool air, spread of micro-organisms and other contaminants like rodent feces and urine, debris or dust and to make your loft insulation 40% more effective we recommended to perform a full air sealing treatment to your loft.

To do air sealing, we use a special foam that developed to fill and block gaps and small holes, it can be easily install between the electrical wires, beams, studs, rafters, pipes and drywall.

It is not the dangerous foam used for insulation and not recommended to use in homes.

The foam extends and block all air access, according to this stage your insulation become much more effective and help you to keep your house climate balanced, also when the outside temperatures are low (or high). The air sealing prevents bad smells, polluted air flowing inside the house and keep your house and family healthier.


The air sealing installation starts right after the stage of loft cleaning when the loft is completely clean – when there is no insulation and the floor is exposed. At this point, it is much easier to detect holes that affect the home temperature.

Remember – it’s like the butterfly effect – the cool & dirty air penetrating the loft – from there it goes through the holes and gaps into the house and from there to our lungs, even a small flow of outside cold air can deflect the house temperature by with up to 15%!

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