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Our Story

We started our journey as home maintenance family crew from Manchester. Our ambition was (and still) to provide the best customer service experience for our clients and help our communities to save money while offering smart maintenance that cut the utilities effectively and immediately.

At the beginning, we provided free drought proofing installation to prevent from outside cold air to get inside the house and reduce the amount of heating energy required to keep the house warm.

It was amazing to find out that our services reduced our client’s utilities in around 5%-10% each month. We found that the insulation installation was the most effective energy saver in any house, and according to that we decided to take our insulation department forward and opened an insulation company.

Today we have three branches: Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Los Angeles (USA). Our goal is to keep growing and provide a professional and effective service to each client, join the global green efforts and help the world consumption of less energy while reducing people’s home bills.

In the UK, daylight is one of the longest all over the world, but the cold weather made UK on the top of the most energy spending countries list. We are here to make a difference and to bring new and smart alternatives to save energy and money simultaneously. If we are able to cut the utilities for each house between 20%-50% – the world will be a better place…

Thank you for choosing us, we are looking forward to hearing from you and help you take the right decisions with your home improvement.

Efficient Loft Ltd team

What our clients say?

Look for our reviews, 4.8 out of 5 stars in total!

Our Work Flow

The first step in any of our successful project is to provide a free site inspection in order to understand what will be the best insulation solution according to your needs. Our expert inspector will tell you his recommendations and what insulation will be most suitable for your loft. We schedule date and time for the project and collect 10% schedule fee for booking the crew.

Your part in the project is done, now we take care for all the rest. The project start with covering all the area in order to prevent any dust in the house. We normally clean the debris and remove the old insulation, it’s recommended to remove the previous insulation and let the new insulation do the work. We sanitize the loft area from odder or bacteria and air sealing all holes and areas to assure complete insulation.

After all preparations are done, we install the right insulation according to your loft requirements. All our products made out of recycled materials and they are ECO GREEN approved, we only use them as company policy. After the insulation is in place, we will invite you to take a look and make sure you are satisfied. 

Our Services

Loft Insulation
The ways to keep a warm house is loft insulation.

Sanitation Services
Cannot find the strength to clean your loft? Call us.

Air Seal
Feel a breeze at home? Dusty home? We will seal it.