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Efficient Loft is an experienced insulation contractor, our teams will provide you with the best possible solutions to reduce your energy bills and insulate your home. 

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How to cut your energy bills?

We all use energy to heat or cool our homes. In many cases insufficient insulation caused by wear and tear, rodents or bad handling, cause significant increase in energy consumption and the following bills. Good insulation can immediately cut your bills in 20%-50%!! This is how you can improve your home insulation:

Loft Insulation
One of the ways to keep a warm house is loft insulation.

Wall Insulation
Fix rodents damages or avoid low temperature walls.

Air Seal
Feel a breeze at home? Dusty home? We will seal it.

Sanitation Services
Our sanitation services kill 99.9% of all bacterias.

Why us?

If your house insulation is low quality or old, you are wasting a lot of energy and money… Your heaters work much harder to reach the temperature you require and there will be maximal loss of your money. Home Insulation is the number one investment for your family and for saving when time passes. Learn how much you can save?

You can save up to


per year

What do you know about Insulation safety?

There are various kinds of insulation. People are looking for the cheaper or faster solutions and it is simply a mistake. Insulation materials can be toxic to humans, Spray foam for example is 100% chemical. It is not a good idea to use it at your home or on behind large surfaces, it can harm you and it is even riskier for your children. 

Another point is fire. avoid fire surprises at home, you need also to make sure your home insulation is fire retarded.

The difference between spray foam and Mineral Wool / Rolled insulation

It is very important to know what kind of materials you are getting into your home. Will you feel comfortable to use chemical insulation? And what will happen in cases of future maintanance? Can you work around it? 

In this must read article we will explain the differences, what materials each insulation has, installation and removal, cost price and energy efficiency.

Ways to know you need new insulation

How do you know when you need a new insulation at your home? In many cases we consider the house temperature as a sign for a good or bad home insulation but there are other signs that need to alert us.

In this article, we will present 5 ways to know that you need new insulation, four out of five homes in the United Kingdom suffer from the mentioned issues.

Loft Services

Loft Board Flooring
Transform your loft into a useful storage space.

Loft Cleaning
Transform your loft into a useful storage space.

What our clients say?

Look for our reviews, 4.8 out of 5 stars in total!

What our clients say?

A: If you feel cold (or too hot) at your home, if you have temperature differences between rooms, parts of your house are dusty although they are closed, you have mice, rats or rodent damages or simply by electricity bills that are higher than the average.

​A: Definitely. Your home or water heaters will work less and consume less energy and you will save a lot of money. It is known that insulation investment has the best return on investment in homes.

Incorrectly installation of insulation or using too much insulation might damage the loft and might create condensation. By using a professional insulation company, you will avoid bad installation and condensation.

A: Some of the insulation materials are not fire retarded. In Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, the external insulation was one of the reasons the fire rapidly spread. Since then the UK government are encouraging people to change their insulation to a fire retarded insulation. All insulation materials used by Efficient loft are fire retarded.

A: Not all of them. Spray foam has become more popular for home insulation but it is chemical and toxic. Our company use only mineral wool / Earth wool eco-friendly and healthy materials.

Loft Condensation - reason for damaged insulation

One of the reasons you might suffer from repeating insulation problems is loft condensation. When there is not enough air circulation within the loft, condensation can damage the insulation if you will not deal with the problem. 

In the article we point our how condensation is created and the ways to fix the problem.